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Nashville Team Building Workshop

Be Well,
Work Well

Building teams that show up with empathy and compassion


About Workplace Stress Solutions

Workplace Stress Solutions is a women-owned and operated small business with over 20+ years of industry experience. We provide nationwide training and workshops on wellness & well-being, leadership and development, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and stress management tools. We service the government, military, and civilian business sectors at the federal, state and local levels.


We strive to support companies and individuals by utilizing science backed mindfulness training methods all while developing empathetic leaders in work, life, and community.

CEO & Founder 
Rosa Castano
Nashville Based Female Speaker
Conference Meeting
Yoga, Meditation &


IN-person or Virtual


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"Rosa was an absolute STAR! Her inclusion of our organization mission/values, incorporating Axon logos/themes into her presentation, and overall workshop were truly world class. We can't wait to be partnering with her in the future and I would very easily recommend her session to any organization. THANK YOU ROSA!"

Matt Cadwell, Axon

meet the CEO & Founder


After a job position elimination due to the pandemic, Rosa decided to combine her experiences in the workplace with her expertise and passion for workplace well-being & stress management. With a career in sales that spans over 15+ years  in both the domestic and international sector, she understands the day to day stressors that the workplace can bring. She specializes in creating workshops that meet people where they are at and leaves them with actionable tools to create change and sustainable well-being practices in the workplace and in their lives.  

Rosa has been speaking at conferences, leading workshops and activations both in person and virtually for companies of all sizes for the past several years and is quickly becoming a well known name amongst HR & People Ops.

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