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  • Rosa Castano

Do Wellness & Well-Being programs work?

Yes they do, and no they don't...let me explain.

A large amount of research has recently shown that over the past two years, inclusion of Wellness & Well-Being workshops are not helping the workforce lower their stress or creating better resilience.

This is because a lot of the workshops are one off workshops OR employees are simply given access to wellness apps and expected to do them on their free time.

Let me ask you this... if you were shown how to play the piano by only having one lesson, would you be able to perform at a recital? If you were a newbie golfer and had one golf lesson, would you be able to at least Par every hole?

Another example,If you are implementing a new CRM into your company, there will be multiple training session on it. Not just one. You wouldn't do one training session on it and if people don't understand it then just say it was a failure and not use one.

If we take those analogies and apply them to Wellness & Well-Being Programs for work...How can we create any measurable metrics based off of ONE workshop? We can't. This is why articles and studies say they don't work.

However, in studies that show a 5-10 Week series around wellness & well-being implemented into the workplace, this is when they have seen positive change and impact. Once again, if you take 10 Golf Lessons instead of just will indeed see improvement.

If you are given a meditation app but have never meditated before, how do you know where to begin?

If you are given a golf club to swing but have never swung one before or know anything about well will that go for you?

If we can shift our mindset into how do we create sustainable practices, how do we create longevity, how can we create wellness & well-being series to support employees...Then we can start to see positive change.

At Workplace Stress Solutions we offer a variety of Series workshops that range from 6 Parts to 10-12 Parts. Here is what that can look like:

6-12 Month Series: (1) Per Month

6 Part Series: 3 Day Weekend Intensive

Or custom variations

Together, let's create workplace we are proud to be apart of!

P.s. Studies did show that the thing that had one of the best outcomes for well-being was allowing employees to volunteer with a charity!

Stay Mindful,

Rosa Castaño

CEO & Founder

P.S. Don't forget to Breathe, relax those shoulders, release the jaw, and unfurrow the eyebrows!

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