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  • Rosa Castano

Do you need a Micro Digital Detox?

Our digital arm is our cell phone. One of the most powerful tools that keeps us connected to anything and everything we can possibly imagine. While our phones are one of our greatest tools and assets...the use of it can also become a bad habit. Most of us unfortunately do not have the luxury to be days on end without our phone, however there are micro steps we can take to help ourselves do a digital detox each day. I believe in approaches that are rooted in reality, practicality, and creating sustainable practices. Let's dive into if you feel you might need a digital detox. 

On a daily basis do you experience any of the following:

1) Do you hear phantom rings, notifications or even feel phantom buzzing?

2) Do you reach for your phone any moment that you are idle?

3) Do you find yourself mindlessly alternating between apps?

4) Do you tend to start scrolling without noticing time pass?

5) Are you constantly checking and refreshing email?

If you said yes to any or all of these, it might be good to start some micro digital detox practices!

A great place to start is bringing Mindfulness into your day. Mindfulness asks us to pay attention on purpose but without judgement. Can you be present and notice why you feel the need to reach for your phone? It typically has become such a habit that any moment we are idle or bored we reach for the phone, eager for that dopamine hit or just because what else is there to do?

Here are a few simple ways to start implementing realistic digital detox practices:

1) PHONE CURFEW: When it is time to sleep...find a place for your phone that is not next to your bed. Across the room, in another room etc. This will help to eliminate bedtime scrolling and reaching for your phone first thing in the morning. Give yourself a hard stop time on utilizing the phone and putting it away for the evening.

2) WAKE FIRST: Let your feet hit the floor before reaching for your phone. Can you give yourself 5 minutes of no phone in the morning when you first wake up. Everything will still be there waiting for you. Gift yourself 5 minute of mindfulness in the morning by simply being present with yourself. 

3) ALLOW FOR "BOREDOM": In moments where you habitually reach for your phone simply because you're idle, try a few times to see how it feels to do something else. Even if it means just sitting with your own thoughts.

4) ONE THING AT A TIME: When watching TV or a movie, practice being fully present and engaged in the show or movie without the need to tandem scroll.

5) DO NOT DISTURB: Utilize DO NOT DISTURB features on your phone. These allow you to see no notifications or what is coming inbound while you are taking a micro digital detox. 

6) BE FULLY PRESENT: When engaged with friends or colleagues, can you be fully present with them and keep the phone put away. ie. not on the table face down where you could still easily access it.

Last but not least go easy on yourself. You didn't form this attachment and habit overnight. It won't be solved overnight. You will go through seasons where it is easier for you to step away from your phone. Allow the seasons to ebb and flow but by tapping into mindfulness and being present on purpose you will notice these seasons easier. 

Stay Mindful,

Rosa Castaño

CEO & Founder

P.S. Don't forget to Breathe, relax those shoulders, release the jaw, and unfurrow the eyebrows!

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