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  • Rosa Castano

Preparing for the Future: Workplace Goals for 2024

Have you taken the time to evaluate what worked and didn't work for your office last year?

I am sure at this point you have already looked at your numbers and have had budget & marketing plans on how to approach 2024. Have you done the same deep dive into your company culture and structure?

People are the backbone of almost every company. They should be a top priority when leadership is looking at the future of a company.

This is an opportunity to practice Mindful Leadership. Incorporating a beginners mind can allow you to remember what it felt like earlier on in your career. What would have made you feel supported, seen and valued? What makes you feel that way now? What little steps can you start to take to make improvements on the workplace culture? If you are unsure of what people want, simply ask them. The answers may surprise you.

Here are a few suggestions to help get 2024 off on the right foot!

  1. DECLUTTER: Set a time block for everyone to do a little house keeping. Those files that have piled up, the boxes that are being held onto, the unsorted items, the general clutter that has accumulated over the past year. There is psychology behind how working in clean and tidy area can make you feel better!

  2. REMINDERS TO TAKE BREAKS: Encourage everyone to take care of themselves this year. This means staying hydrated, standing up, taking breaks, stepping outside etc. When employees are healthy and happy so is the company. Create a culture where employees have the space where they feel they can step away for a break without repercussions.

  3. CREATE CONNECTION: In the workplace boundaries are an important thing to have. However, often the opportunity is missed to make genuine connection amongst colleagues. This is why our Goal Setting & Personal Development is a personal favorite and company favorite. This workshop encourages connection and empathy in the workplace. It lets people learn about each other on a personal level and encourages accountability partners and the ability to see people succeed in all aspects of life, work included!

  4. CULTURE AUDIT: Why do people like to work for the company? Mission statements are there and so are professional core values but what about workplace core values? Let this be a collaborative effort amongst everyone to create statements on the kind of workplace culture THEY want to be apart of. Giving employees ownership on how they can play a role in creating a thriving workplace culture is going to go much further because they have buy in!

Can you make 2024 the year that you manage your stress, create memories, excel at work, thrive at home and ultimately create a life that feels whole and fulfilled? These things don't happen on accident or all by themselves. It takes lots of little intentional steps and a plan to show up mindfully each day.

Happy New Year! To lean into a cliche...Let's make it the best year yet!

Stay Mindful,


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