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  • Rosa Castano


Recently, I saw an employee of a small business ask on her social media...

"As an employee, what would you like to receive as a End of Year Gift?"

This is always a tricky one but it seems that the top three contenders were pretty universal across all industries and personal. Here are the Top 3 Gifts Employees actually enjoy for year end gifts!


1) Amazon gift cards

2) Bonuses

3) Vacation TIME

*Extra: hire the additional help needed

Everyone has the desire to feel seen, heard and appreciated. End of Year gifts are always a nice little extra thing that goes the extra mile to show your employees that you appreciate all of their hard work!

However, appreciation should be a year round observation. Not just end of year or during quarterly reviews. As the saying goes, " you catch more flies with honey". Sometimes End of Year gifts can feel "icky" because there hasn't been the appreciation and gratitude all year long and then all of a sudden you are giving a gift. Things to keep in mind as you plan for 2024.

On the flip side, as stated above...EVERYONE has the desire to feel seen and heard and appreciated. This goes for the Company/Employer, Manager etc. Often, positions of leadership can be a thankless job. A gesture such as a card goes a long way. Just to let them know that you appreciate their leadership and guidance.

When we lead first with gratitude and appreciation we are better able to facilitate positive & constructive conversations.

P.s. If you are looking for a fun END OF YEAR Team Building Exercise for your team, I am offering a Black Friday Special on my Goal Setting & Personal Development Workshop. Companies have Core Values & Mission Statements and so should individuals! This workshops creates an atmosphere of sharing, compassion, and connection when we can see & support each others goals outside of the workplace! Email with subject BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL! [In-Person or Virtual offered]

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