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Why are Brain Breaks important?

Many have praised the Pomodoro Technique as a way to successfully manage time during the day. It seems that 45 minutes max is the average dedicated work time that people can successfully manage. When in these dedicated work times we are using our executive function and sometimes it can quit literally make our brains hurt. This is why having Brain breaks is so important.

Have you ever been trying to solve a problem and just can't come up with a solution? Finally you decide to step away from the project for a few minutes and then you end up coming back to it with a solution? You gave your mind a break from working and problem solving.

Allow yourself multiple times throughout the day to take a break and step away from what you are doing. Take a moment to refresh and reset.

This can look like...

1) 10-15 Min of Scrolling through Social Media (BE SURE TO SET A TIMER because these rabbit holes are easy to fall into)

2) Step outside

3) Walk around the office

4) Lean your chair back and close your eyes for a few minutes (Again, set a timer here because you don't actually want to fall asleep)

5) Go have a snack

6) Move your Body (Stretching, Yoga)

7) Meditation - Check in with how you're mind and body are feeling.

Simply do something that doesn't require you to "think" so you can take a break from using executive function.

Most important is to give yourself permission to do so and create a workplace environment where people feel comfortable to do so because they feel their well-being is prioritzed.

What is your favorite way to take a Brain break?

Stay Mindful,


If you would like Rosa Castano to come lead a Stress Management Workshop or be a Keynote Speaker at your company or conference, please emails: (Both In-Person & Virtual options available.

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